9th Annual Harvest Jam

The Our Health Centre Foundation (OHCF) is thrilled to announce our 9th Annual Harvest Jam Online Auction, scheduled to go live on October 31st and run until November 4th.

Our Health Centre Foundation is dedicated to enhancing health and wellness resources available within our communities. As the primary fundraising body for Our Health Centre, we achieve this by raising funds and allocating resources. This sustained financial support directly benefits our communities through Our Health Centre, its partners, and its service recipients – with the aim to enable our communities to develop and promote innovative local approaches to health and wellbeing.

The Harvest Jam is a cornerstone of OHCFs yearly fundraising efforts, made possible by the generous support of donors, community partners, and dedicated volunteers.

To learn more about the 9th Annual Harvest Jam Online Auction and participate in the event, visit our auction webpage at OHCF Harvest Jam 2023 or scan the QR code below.